Self-isolation education ideas and resources for parents


This article is aimed at children and parents who suddenly find themselves in self-isolation, at home due to school closures, digitally educating yourselves and your children. Feel free to share.

I wrote it, originally, for parents in my small Norfolk village and family who have suddenly found themselves in isolation for COVID19, but am now making more widely available.

About me

My approach as a teacher was to prioritise helping people to learn that learning is fun; I taught ICT and media studies at KS3 and KS4 and web development, maths and computer programming to level 1 & 2 at university. You can reach me for further help and advice on at Everything I try to produce is based on the idea that if learning is enjoyable then we all learn more, faster and better.

The link below goes to a series of google documents that I will do my best to keep updating and improving.

The starting point which contains further links and information

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